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Computer Numerical Control, or simply known as CNC, is a subtractive manufacturing procedure involving automation, computerized controls, and machine tools for the removal of the material layers to create a customized part. Materials, including plastics, metals, composites, foam, wood, and glass, can be employed in the procedure for completing various shapes.

When referring to the CNC machine, it actually reflects a programmable device that has the capability to perform operations conventionally undertaken by the engineering labor. The necessary process of CNC machining includes CAD model designing, transferring CAD files to the CNC program, initiating the CNC machine, and performing the machine operation.

Benefits of CNC

CNC machining is particularly useful because it removes the barriers and issues involved in conventional manufacturing processes. For example, automation and the use of high-end technology practically removes or minimizes the chances of human error. The majority of the machines can attain accuracy within the 1/1000th.

On the other hand, CNC machines guarantee continuous endurance. Unlike the traditional manufacturing processes, CNC machines can continue to work around the clock, only stopping for the need for maintenance and repair. Furthermore, a CNC machine is also useful in executing vast quantities of the products in a uniform manner.

When combined with advanced design software, these machinery and tools replicate outputs that cannot be done with manual machines. In this way, a wide range of textures, sizes, and shapes can be produced by employing these machines. Most importantly, CNC reduces the need for manual labor to work on the devices. In this way, CNC machines are cost-effective as well.

Why Sinvict?

Other than the significant CNC control products like CNC PCB, Sinvict is a pioneer in providing many machine accessories for the use of CNC, such as machine LCD, handwheels, cables, connectors, and batteries. These products belong to numerous brands. The company is committed to supporting customers for their unique requirements.

All of our products come with a warranty, so the customers can rest assured that they are buying the right products. With fast delivery and reasonable prices, we provide full-fletch convenient services to our customers in purchasing the machine parts. Our plethora of experience in the field also makes our services highly competent.



In a CNC machine, the handwheels are optical rotary encoders specially constructed for Manual Pulse Generator (MPG). These units are basically able to decide the origin of the mechanical work and support the stepping trimming. It consists of a band switch that can be used to select the magnification and the axis. The pulse generator with it goes on to produce pulses, aimed towards facilitating the acquisition system. Since the handwheelis made up of high strength materials, it serves functions such as resistance to abrasion, oil, and interferences.


LCD monitors act as standard display units for CNC machines. Some LCD comes with a mounted control unit that serves as an economical solution to save space and lower the costs. Some LCDs come as stand-alone control units that are connected with optical fiber cables. In this way, such systems provide constructive EMC solutions. LCDs can also be bought with either vertical or horizontal softkeys, primarily according to the screen size. With built-in PC tech and windows embedded operating systems, custom software apps can also be incorporated in the displays.


The batteries supercharge the CNC machines in order to operate them. There is a huge variety of batteries found in the market that can be used according to the type and series of the CNC machine. Some batteries come with resistor connectors, while others come with a simple connector. The sizes of the batteries also vary. Larger devices require more robust batteries in order to operate. However, many CNC machines now come with energy-saving and resistant features that put less burden on the batteries and, therefore, decrease the frequency by which they have to be changed.


High-quality cables facilitate the working of the CNC machines. The wires with high-speed and strength enhance the functionalities of these machines. Low-quality cables can significantly cause problems for the manufacturing process, as it can burn the device. On the other hand, high-quality flexible cable wires can provide good electrical conductivity, together with insulation and sheath. In this way, the CNC machines can continue to run with resilience without having trouble with heat and electricity. Generally, wires with stands of oxygen-free copper are preferred for use in CNC machines.


The connectors, together with the cable and other components, enhance the operations of the CNC machines. The stable and reliable features of these products ensure these parts’ high performance, together with the overall CNC machines. The connectors include a variety of products such as audio cables, IDC connectors, FFC, fiber optic cables, cable audio, magnet wire, power cords, modular, USB, and other tools.

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